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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Deception of the Damned - Make Sure You Check the Fine Print! 4.5/5!

Today, I am reviewing the Dark Fantasy novel Deception of the Damned by P.C. Darkcliff. A thrilling tale with twists, turns, and negotiations with (basically) the Devil himself, I had a great time in this book!

I give this novel a 4.5/5. Here is my breakdown.

Characters: 4/5. Darkcliff crafts very interesting main and side characters, from the despairing Hrot, a mind too advanced for his time, to the cryptic and magical Anath and the almost-too-compassionate Jasmin. I enjoyed their interactions and watching how they dealt with the tribulations they faced. 

Plot/Storyline: 4/5. It kept me reading and turning the page! The overarching story was consistent and made sense, and I couldn’t identify any major holes or hiccups in verisimilitude. My only concern was the end - as the ending approached, I felt Darkcliff may have rushed things just a bit rather than letting the consequences and impending doom fully descend on the reader. And what happened to Hrot...well, let’s just say I might have preferred a slightly different path.

Flow: 5/5. Easy to read, with period-appropriate vocabulary and a fun style. Darkcliff is obviously a master storyteller, knowing how to keep the reader riveted the whole time.

Spelling/Grammar: 5/5. I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar issues, which is a rarity for published novels! Either they weren’t there, or the story was so compelling that I didn’t see them. So, well done!

 Overall: 4.5/5. It took me a while to finish (life stuff), but I am thrilled by Darkcliff’s novel. Deception of the Damned is a deep, rich story that illustrates the nature of deception and consequences expertly. I am glad I got to read it, and I wish the author the best!

You can find the Amazon link here: Deception of the Damned.

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