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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review of Scott Spotson's The Four Kings

I bought this book on a recommendation, and I'm very glad I did. I give this book 4.5/5 stars. Here is my breakdown:

Characters: 5/5. This is a real strength for Scott. Despite having nearly unlimited power, he does an excellent job of making his wizards seem like real, fallible people that I could imagine in that position. I love the fact that they come off nearly omniscient and yet regular Mortals (as they are called) start pointing out the cracks and flaws in their arguments and ideas. Amanda was another fantastic character, with her divided loyalties and struggle with her attraction to of the conquerors of North America.

Plot/Storyline: 4/5. The story was clear, interesting, and plausible (inasmuch as superpowerful wizards taking over the world is plausible) and the connections followed easily from one another. There was no feeling of "forced" action, no contrived speech. Well done!

Flow: 4/5. The story flowed well, for the most part; my only issue was that, sometimes, the chapter breaks came very fast and it felt a little turbulent. Most of the time, the action was smooth, pleasant, with the jarring spikes coming at just the right time to suck the reader back in.

Spelling/Grammar/Layout: 4.5/5. There were a few missed words, a few misspellings...but they were very, very few, and I was not distracted at all by them.

Overall: 4.5/5. Scott Spotson has delivered a paranormal fantasy that appeals to each of us who have ever wanted to just take over and DO IT RIGHT...and explains, very clearly, why we shouldn't.