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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Last Voyage is one worth taking!

Today, I am reviewing the collection of short stories titled The Last Voyage and Other Stories by Fernando Sacchetto! Holding six or seven tales (depending on how you reckon them) of fantasy, magic, technology, and subterfuge, this collection alternately confused, enthralled, saddened, and thrilled as I moved through the stories.

This review reflects the work as a whole; I’m not going to drill down into each individual story, as all were approximately of the same quality and interest.

 I give this book a 4.5/5. Here is my breakdown.

 Characters: 4/5. In short stories, much less time is spent developing characters than in novels. Regardless, I enjoyed each and every characterization in Sacchetto’s stories; they were unique, easy to tell apart, and, mostly, with clear motivations.

Plot/Storyline: 5/5. There were some real page-turners here, some storylines that surprised and invigorated me simultaneously. The first story in the roster, as well as the last, were especially to my taste, but each and every one had something to offer. Fantastic work!

 Flow: 4.5/5. I felt each story ran for as long as it needed, without cutting things short or padding them out. The words kept coming and bringing with them tidbits of imagery and development. Only once or twice did I find myself rereading, just to be sure I understood what was happening; this was more of a testament to Sacchetto’s intricate storylines than anything else!

Spelling/Grammar: 4.5/5. High standards achieved. I counted one minor spelling error across all stories, and that’s saying something. Keep up the good fight!

 Overall: 4.5/5. A short story collection worthy of inclusion in any discussion of intricate, well-designed plot threads and characters, The Last Voyage and Other Stories captured my attention and held it until I was finished. I hope that Sacchetto keeps writing, and wish him luck! You may visit his website at

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