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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What lies behind the curtain?

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!  I have decided that, because I am reading an awful lot to improve my writing and to form relationships with other authors, that I would begin by posting a book review blog.  I will focus on paranormal/urban fantasy novels, as that is my genre of choice and the community I most want to interact with. 

If you want to request a review, please email me at  Please be sure that you believe your book to be finished before sending it; I am not going to critique or edit your book to prepare it for publication, as much as I might like to :)

Once I have received your email,  I will be glad to follow up with you and let you know when I can read your book.  The reviews will follow a particular schema, and, at your request, I will also post them to Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or wherever else your book is available.  You are welcome to take my reviews and post them on your site, AS LONG AS YOU LINK BACK HERE! 

I have two reviews ready to post, so here we go.  Thanks again!

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