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Thursday, June 20, 2013

REVIEW: Ghost Light by E.J. Stevens

Please note - this review is on the ARC for Ghost Light and was provided in return for a free copy of said ARC.  However, this is an honest review and reflects only the opinions of myself, Jason Crawford.

My overall rating for this book is 4.8/5. 

Here is my breakdown, as usual:

Characters:  5/5.  The development of the characters of Ivy, Ceff, Jinx, and the rest are logical, reasonable, and entertaining.  It is thrilling to watch Ivy struggle through the implications of her true nature, her self-imposed tactile exile (rhyming!), and her relationship with Ceffyl, King of the Kelpies.  The introduction of Melusine, Ceff's ex-wife, is also a nice touch and makes for a deep, interesting dynamic between Ivy, Ceff, and Mel considering what was revealed in Book #1.

Storyline/Plot - 5/5.  Fantastic as well.  I was hungering for this book as soon as I read Blood and Mistletoe and it did not disappoint.  The aftermath of both preceding stories was clearly felt in this one, and the mystery involved in the missing Fae children had me gripped from the beginning.

Flow/Construction - 4.6/5.  There were fewer spelling/grammar errors in this story (or I didn't see as many), but Stevens does exhibit a small problem with repetition.  Specifically, she has a minor tendency to describe certain things multiple times in the course of the same work (vampire appearance, for instance, is one example I can think of immediately).  This was not a big deal for me, but it was something that I noticed and which interrupted the flow a bit.

Spelling/Grammar:  4.9/5.  As noted above, I found/noticed fewer spelling or grammar considerations in this work.  There were none that caused me concern or slowed me up in any way.

Overall:  Stevens continues to impress with Ghost Light, the second full novel in the Ivy Granger series.  If she continues in this vein, her work may stand among the paranormal fantasy greats.  You owe it to yourself to give the Ivy Granger series a try.

Jason P. Crawford

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