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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Vampire's Virgin by Leeloo Deschain - 3.75/5

Today I’m reviewing The Vampire’s Virgin, an erotic paranormal short story by Leeloo Deschain (btw, I love that name!). It’s the first book in the Desert Bloodlust series. The story introduces us to a young, 19-year-old waitress at a roadside café who is suddenly enthralled by the appearance of a handsome stranger…and the stranger turns out to be a vampire who is just as enamored with her as she is with him.

I give this story a 3.75/5. Here is my breakdown:

Characters: 4/5. Given that this is an erotic short story, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of character development. Surprisingly, Lucy (the protagonist) caught my attention almost immediately. I found myself feeling for her frustration with her dead-end job and the idea that, at 19, her life was already passing her by (I remember that feeling well). The vampire love interest seemed pretty standard – powerful, with a hint of brutal savagery underlying his civilized veneer. It’s a tried-and-true formula, but Deschain does a good job with it. The vampire society introduced in the story was also interesting, and I’m curious to see where that goes in later installments.

Plot/Storyline: 3.5/5. The story here doesn’t bring anything really new to the table – lonely virginal teen, vampire alpha male – but I’m pleased by the writing quality. Deschain doesn’t stoop to a whole bunch of clichés or tropes in order to advance her story. The dialogue is witty and realistic, and the characters act like real people, which is always helpful.

Flow: 4/5. The beginning of The Vampire’s Virgin is hampered a bit by in-head narration and exposition, and the book suffers just a bit from the “I’m thinking about myself a lot so that the readers know more about me,” but overall the story moved very well and quickly. I didn’t find too much description and the events flowed naturally into one another.

Spelling/Grammar: 4.5/5. There were a few minor errors in this work – some misspellings or missing words – but nothing significant.

Overall: 3.75/5. I enjoyed this book. The erotic aspect of it was definitely present, but I was pleased by the presence of actual story behind the sex. I’m also curious about future installments and wondering what sort of plot twists and events will come up to trouble Lucy and her vampire beau. 

Thank you, Leeloo, for the read! You can pick up your own copy below.

The Vampire's Virgin by Leeloo Deschain

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