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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Death Defiant: A 5/5 Urban Fantasy that Enthralls and Thrills!

Today, I am reviewing the Paranormal/Urban Fantasy story Death Defiant by Paige Reiring. Her debut novel and the first in a series, we get to see an interesting mix of angels, demons, and “supernaturals,” which are half-demon spawn. Contrary to many mythologies, these creatures live a mortal lifespan (although a bit longer), but our protagonist, a supernatural who goes by Cheri, has a special power that’s never been seen before.
She is Death Defiant.

This is one of the most incredible books I’ve read in recent memory. I give this book a 5/5. Here is my breakdown.

Characters: 5/5. Wow. Cheri and Bel were my personal favorites, and watching their relationship develop was amazing. Paige has created a network of real people: the demons are distinctly recognizable as demonic while having redeeming qualities, and the angels angelic but complete with flaws. Being that angels and demons are favorites of mine to play with in the fictional arena, I applaud Paige for her masterful craftswomanship.

Plot/Storyline: 5/5. Damn. Just…damn. This book had me thinking about it after I was done reading, bringing me back to particularly powerful scenes and events. I won’t give away what happened, but Cheri goes through a devastating turn of events that leaves her in a horrific situation…and horrific is exactly how I’d describe it. Paige pulled this off without going visceral and painting the mind with gore; instead, she keeps us grounded in Cheri’s experience…and what happens to her is all the more terrifying for it.

Flow: 5/5. Like a waterfall after the river, this story slipped through my fingers until the roaring climax had me glued to the pages. There was never a dull moment, and, indeed, Paige’s mastery of pacing is fantastic. I finished this book in about two hours of reading…and never noticed it gone.
Spelling/Grammar: 4.5/5. There were a few, very few, typos in this book. Solid, well-edited, and a treat to read.

Overall: 5/5. Yes, I know I dinged the book for spelling, but I don’t give a damn. Seriously, this is the best book I’ve read in a long, long while. I walked, ran, and suffered right along Cheri as her world fell apart around her, as she gathered allies, and as she rose to take her place in the world. Thank you, Paige; you’ve earned a lifelong fan!

You can purchase a copy at the link below...and I recommend you do!

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