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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review of "A Tale of Two Djinns" by Mina Khan

I rate this novella a 4.5/5.  Here is my breakdown:

Characters:  5/5.  The characters in Tale are rich and well developed.  A novella offers less space for character development than a full novel, but you would never know that from reading this book.  Both Mara and Shay are detailed, real people who I could imagine seeing in real life or a fantastically cast film.  Motivations and depth abound, even in the background cast.  Well done!

Plot/Storyline: 4.5/5.  This novella is a paranormal romance with a decent level of "heat."  While the love scenes are well written and not so graphic as to turn me away from the book, the storyline would have functioned just fine without them.  Khan kept me guessing the whole time, and the final reveal of the true villain came as a complete surprise!

Flow:  5/5.  There was nothing in this story which interrupted my enjoyment in any way.  Descriptions were effective without being overbearing, the change in perspectives was handled well from one character to the next, and the story just generally went, just like it should.

Spelling/Grammar:  5/5.  I don't recall any spelling or grammar mistakes in this story, so, congratulations and huzzah!

Overall: 4.5/5.  This book had me from the beginning fight scene and kept me through the end.  I read it in about an hour and a half, so it's a fast read, but well worth it!  I've been thinking more and more about writing a genie story myself <.< >.>

Jason P. Crawford

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  1. Thank you for your very thoughtful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Shay & Maya's story :)